CoC COVID-19 Funding through DHCD

On April 2, 2020, the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) informed the Western Virginia Continuum of Care (CoC) that funding had been allocated to the CoC in the amount of $123,251.76 for COVID-19 support. The CoC Executive Committee established funding priorities as:

  • Unsheltered individuals
  • Sheltered individuals with no daytime shelter
  • Unsheltered/sheltered individuals with COVID-19 symptoms awaiting testing and/or in need of isolation arrangements
  • Thermal shelters

The Executive Committee has determined to utilize the bulk of the funds to support thermal shelter operations in Winchester, Warren County, and Harrisonburg. Funds will also be designated for hotel/motel vouchers to be administered throughout the CoC. Vouchers will be prioritized “for persons who are particularly vulnerable for complications due to COVID-19 including unsheltered persons, older adults, and those with an existing medical condition. If existing shelter space is unavailable or not appropriate, hotel/motel vouchers may be used to provide overflow temporary shelter, separation (for persons with symptoms of COVID-19 while awaiting test results or those who are particularly vulnerable for complications due to COVID-19), or isolation (for persons who are confirmed positive for COVID-19 but who do not need hospitalization).”

Arrangements are being worked out with various groups across the CoC to ensure that services can be administered to support the sheltered and unsheltered individuals within our Continuum of Care. Thank you all for the work that you are doing in your agencies and communities to help serve our vulnerable populations in this time.

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