Preparation for the upcoming FY 2020 CoC Grant Competition

In preparation for the upcoming FY 2020 CoC Grant/Program Competition, members of the Western Virginia Continuum of Care (CoC) are encouraged to review the eligibility requirements for applicants and project funding.

  • Eligible Project Applicant: As stated in last year’s FY2019 CoC NOFA, “Eligible project applicants for the CoC Program Competition are found at 24 CFR 578.15 and include nonprofit organizations, states, local governments, and instrumentalities of state and local governments. Public housing agencies, as such term is defined in 24 CFR 5.100, are eligible without limitation or exclusion. Tribes, tribal housing authorities, and for-profit 25 of 81 entities are ineligible to apply for grants or to be subrecipients of grant funds.”
  • Eligible Projects for Funding:  While we have not received word on what the new projects will be eligible for funding this year, the new projects that were eligible for funding last year included: Permanent Housing (including rapid re-housing and permanent supportive housing), Transitional Housing, Supportive Services Only (specifically for a centralized or coordinated assessment), HMIS projects that can only be carried out by the HMIS Lead, and projects for the Domestic Violence (DV) Bonus. 

Any CoC organization interested in submitting a project application under this year’s Collaborative Application will need to obtain a DUNS Number, SAM Number, and e-snaps login, if they do not have these components already.  The process for obtaining these numbers and login access can take up to four weeks. And all these components in place in order to submit a project application.

  • DUNS Number: or call 1-800-700-2733. The process of obtaining a DUNS Number is free of charge and should take less than 15 minutes. You can find more information here.
  • SAM Number: to register or update your organization. You will need to create a user account before registering or updating your organization. The SAM will ask you for the North American Industry Classification System or NAICS (pronounced “naykes”) code that best describes your industry. Please enter NAICS code 624229, “Other Community Housing Services.” You can find more information here.
  • E-snaps: for registering. E-snaps is the platform for completing and submitting the project grant applications for the CoC Collaborative Application. For more informational instruction for E-snaps, visit

Presently, there is no information on when the FY2020 CoC NOFA will be released, but anticipate it should become available in the coming weeks. Information will be sent out as soon as it becomes available.

Please contact our Grant Coordinator, Emily McCarty, at, if you have any questions.

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