About Us

Our Continuum is a network of nonprofits, service providers, regional planners, and state and federal funders working together to build systems to reduce homelessness. The CoC is working to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring.

Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority is the fiscal agent for the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) VHSP grant and the HUD Continuum of Care Grant.

The Virginia Homeless Solutions Program (VHSP) is a Homeless and Special Needs Housing (HSNH) funding source that supports the development and implementation of localized emergency crisis response systems with housing-focused, coordinated community-based activities. 

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program is designed to promote communitywide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness; provide funding for efforts by nonprofit providers, and State and local governments to quickly rehouse homeless individuals and families while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused to homeless individuals, families, and communities by homelessness; promote access to and effect utilization of mainstream programs by homeless individuals and families; and optimize self-sufficiency among individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

HRHA Executive Director
Michael Wong

The Continuum of Care staff:

Isaiah Mejah, CoC Coordinator

Anton Overby, CoC HMIS Coordinator/HMIS Lead