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Executive Committee

The CoC Executive Committee is the official governing and lead decision-making body of the Western Virginia CoC. This committee is […]

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Best Practices Committee

The Best Practices committee is responsible for researching and implementing best practices for meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness […]

Individuals can participate in Committee work as a member, Chair, or Deputy Chair. Some distinct differences between the three roles are outlined in the chart below. These are not exhaustive lists of responsibilities.

  • Committee Chairs are expected to serve in their role for two years. During the Chair’s second year, a subsequent Chair should be selected—this person is the Deputy Chair.
  • Deputy Chairs are individuals who would like to succeed their current committee Chair. This individual shall “shadow” the current Chair for one year and then subsequently assume the role and responsibilities of the committee Chair.
  • Committee members are expected to serve in their role for at least one year. At the end of one year, the member may elect to serve for another year with the same committee, request to be voted onto another committee, or end their committee participation.
  • Committee Chairs, Deputy Chairs, and members, or their proxies, shall attend at least 75% of their respective Committee meetings over a one calendar-year time period. Those who fail to do so are subject to removal by vote of their respective Committee. The Committee may appoint a substitute in the event of the removal of a member. The substitute will serve the duration of the original term and may apply for an additional term.
  • VHSP and HUD grantees are required to participate in committee work in some capacity—either Chair, Deputy Chair, or member.

The process for joining a Committee is as follows:
1) Self or peer-nomination for committee membership
2) Nominee receives Western Virginia Continuum of Care Member Handbook to ensure that s/he is willing and able to fulfill responsibilities
3) Member signs and returns Western Virginia Continuum of Care Member Agreement to Continuum of Care Coordinator

Each member will have one vote. If an agency has more than one representative on one committee, then the agency will have one vote. Voting by proxy will not be allowed unless a majority of a meeting’s attendees agree to allow it. The majority of the number of current members constitutes a quorum, provided that the Committee Chair or Deputy Chair is present. Quorum is required to hold a vote regarding a funding decision, to vote on a membership nomination, and to act on behalf of a Committee or the CoC.

Resignation: A Chair, Deputy Chair, or member may resign from their Committee at any time by giving written notice to his/her respective Committee. Any such resignation will take effect 30 days after written notice is provided.