HUD Point in Time, HIC and AHAR Reports

The Continuum of Care, HUD and Congress use several data sources when evaluating homelessness in our area. Below is a brief outline of the data we use that informs us on homelessness in our Western Virginia Continuum of Care (VA-513).

PIT counts are a critical source of data on the number and characteristics of people who are homeless in the United States. These data are used to measure homelessness on a local and national level and are published annually on HUD’s HUD Exchange website, which can be viewed by CoCs and the general public. PIT count data are also provided annually to Congress as part of the Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR). The AHAR is used by Congress, HUD, other federal departments, and the general public to understand the nature and extent of homelessness.

The yearly Point-In-Time Count is a HUD mandated count of persons in homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters and un-sheltered situations (places unfit for habitation like a car or tent) during the last week of January. This count provides a snapshot of the homeless populations in our area. We count both persons on the street and persons in shelters on the night of the PIT Count. Un-sheltered persons are counted by volunteers who canvass soup-kitchens, outreach programs and other places identified as potential places for homeless persons in each community. We update our homeless bed inventory (HIC) for the region during the Point-In-Time Count.

The HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) records client statistics shared by participating shelters within our Continuum of Care. This allows the community to better serve persons struggling with homelessness. It serves as a record for case management, referral and program outcomes. It also helps us understand the effect of various programs available in our area.

Centralized Homeless Intake utilizes HMIS to capture community homeless assistance call data and make referrals to appropriate agencies in our area.

We also gather data during the Point-In-Time count from homeless persons who agree to participate in our Housing and Vulnerability Index Survey. This provides a greater understanding on the background stories and statistics of persons experiencing homelessness in our area.

Statistics for VA-513 Western CoC are published by HUD on their website (Click button below)

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Statistics for VA-513 Western CoC are published by HUD on their website (link below):

HUD publishes various manuals that govern the data in HMIS. Below are quick links to current HMIS data standards:

HUD HMIS Data Standards Manual

HUD HMIS Data Dictionary