HMIS Training Information

The work you do as a case worker or shelter staff is captured in the HMIS system. Our HMIS, or Homeless Management Information System, is a multi- CoC HMIS implementation that shares data between Western Continuum of Care (that’s us) and Richmond, Fredericksburg and the Balance of State’s 12 planning groups.

New HMIS users will need to complete HMIS training before accessing the HMIS database. The data in HMIS is used to help coordinate services for chronically homeless and veteran homeless through Built for Zero case management.

A HMIS user will need to agree to the HMIS confidentiality policies
found on page 11-12 of the Homeward HMIS HCIS Policy and Procedures Manual.
The same manual also outlines our data quality guidelines on timeliness and allowable missing data. See pages 26-29

Program type% allowable missing% allowable
Coordinated assessment2%3%
Day shelter2%3%
Emergency shelter/Transitional housing2%3%
Street outreach10%10%
Permanent housing (housing only,
housing with services, and permanent
supportive housing)
Homelessness prevention2%3%
Permanent housing – rapid rehousing2%3%
Safe Haven2%3%
Services only2%3%

Data Completeness Standards, Policy and Procedure Manual, page 27

Each new user will need to sign a code of ethics agreement and return it to the HMIS Administrator.

HUD Data Standards:

HUD publishes information for communities about data we need to capture from clients. This changes depending on program type or funding stream. Below are Word documents directly from the HUD Data Standards website. For most users, this is an excellent, easy to use tool.

HMIS Data Entry 2020 Data Standards

Street Outreach