New Agency Information

A Homeless Management Information System is a cloud based, HIPPA compliant client service database. With agency contribution of data from shelters and other homeless programs, we are better able to:

  • Understand patterns of homelessness
  • Produce de-duplicated counts of homeless persons served in our region
  • Measure effectiveness of homeless programs
  • Help agencies report to their stakeholders
  • Provide case conferencing opportunities for chronically homeless and veterans through the by-name list community conferencing

Our Continuum is a network of nonprofits, service providers, regional planners, and state and federal funders working together to build systems to reduce homelessness.

We currently collect data in HMIS from providers of shelter, rapid rehousing, the CoC street outreach, homeless prevention, centralized housing intake and permanent supportive housing.

Agency Requirements
New Agencies must meet these criteria to access HMIS:

  • Meet technical requirements for using HCIS.
  • Be trained in the use of the system, including training on client privacy and confidentiality, and agree to and sign the user agreement.
  • Be a participating member of the Continuum of Care.
  • Have a signed agency agreement on file with Homeward.
  • Have a valid business purpose or mission for using HCIS.
  • Be a legal entity that exists (at least in part) to address homelessness.
  • Be a nonprofit or government entity.

There are two main documents that guide HMIS access and usage for Agencies:
The Policy and Procedure Manual, which outlines the guidelines for use, access and responsibilities of HMIS. Rules and definitions for data collection are updated in the
HMIS Data Standards – 2020 published by HUD.

We’re excited to bring on new partners. A list of crucial documents and steps to access HMIS are outlined below.

Client Documents

Entry, Exit, Update, and Annual Assessment Forms

The following links provide the standard assessments for all project types that are currently using HCIS for data entry. Note there are four types of assessments that are required depending on the funding source. Entry assessment is completed at time of client intake, Update assessment is completed when a significant change has occurred  in client information, Exit assessment is completed when the client leaves the project and annual assessment is completed if a client remains in your project for more than one year.   

 HUD – Intake for
Emergency Shelter (ES), Safe Haven (SH), and Street Outreach

Entry assessment for ES,SH and Street Outreach – Collect information at entry for Shelters and Street Outreach

HUD Intake for Rapid Rehousing, Permanent Supportive Housing, Other

Entry assessment for all other Projects  – Collect at program entry if not a shelter or street outreach

Forms for All Projects:

Update assessment – form to capture client updates, such a income change, or other record change after intake.

Exit assessment – Collected for all clients leaving shelter.

Annual assessment  – For all clients in a program for 1 year or longer, due 30 days before or after the start date anniversary

Special Program Forms

SSVF – Supportive Services for Veterans Families 

Entry assessment

Update assessment

Exit assessment

HOPWA – Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS

Entry assessment

Update assessment

Exit assessment

Annual assessment