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Compliance and Evaluation Committee

The Compliance and Evaluation committee is responsible for ensuring that CoC and VHSP grantees are in compliance with federal and state guidelines for operation to maintain eligibility and funding. Activities include regular site visits to DHCD grantee agencies and review of financial and programmatic performance of DHCD and HUD grantees and applicants. The committee also establishes and executes a process to review and rank projects to be included in the HUD applications. Membership is adjusted as needed in response to the need for unbiased and impartial project application review and can include at-large members who represent entities affected by the CoC.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and maintain a standardized assessment process for CoC-funded programs
  • Collect and track CAMS Remittance Reports and Quarterly Reports from VHSP grantees
  • Collect and track LOCCS Reports from HUD grantees
  • Rank CoC funding priorities
  • Make funding recommendations to Executive Committee
  • Complete site monitoring visits

Current Compliance and Evaluation Committee members:

  • Chair – Seli Perry, Director of Operations, Mercy House
  • Sheila Orndorff, Executive Director, Shenandoah Alliance for Shelter
  • John Nagley, Executive Director, AIDS Response Efforts
  • Lisa Herbaugh, Children’s Program Coordinator, The Laurel Center
  • Emily McCarty, Community Development & Grant Coordinator, Harrisonburg Redevelopment & Housing Authority
  • Maria Diaz, Community Integration Coordinator, Access Independence