Housing Provider Survey H.B. 854 Statewide Housing Study

Virginia Housing Programs and Policies Survey – Online Surveys | QuestionPro Survey

What is HB 854?

House Resolution HB 854 contains language directing Virginia Housing and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to conduct a study of state policies and programs which influence the creation and preservation of affordable housing. HB 854 passed both houses of the General Assembly with unanimous support in the 2020 regular session.

HousingForward Virginia is assisting Virginia Housing and DHCD with this effort, which requires significant engagement with practitioners and advocates across the commonwealth to understand how current housing initiatives may or may not be fully addressing community needs.
 Per the bill’s requirements, a Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) of housing experts from across the state was assembled to guide this effort. The SAG is the primary body that will produce the study and make final recommendations to the General Assembly.

What is the purpose of this survey? This survey is your organization’s opportunity to provide detailed and meaningful feedback on any and all state-administered housing funds, policies, and programs you use. We are also interested in learning how the need for racial equity and COVID-19 recovery efforts have affected the affordable housing arena. Once tallied and anonymized, your responses will be used by the SAG to educate policymakers and influence policy changes.

Invitations to this survey will be sent to nonprofit housing organizations, homeless service providers, housing developers, banks and lenders, real estate professionals, public housing authorities, and local governments. Each respondent will answer a series of common questions, along with prompts specific to their industry sector. 

 How long will this survey take to complete? We expect this survey to take approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
 How long will this survey be available? This survey will remain online until December 31, 2020.

 How else can my organization be involved? We are looking for practitioners to participate in focus groups throughout January and February of next year. These focus groups will take deeper dives into housing issues based on the results of this survey. If you are interested in helping, there is a question at the beginning of the survey where you can agree to participate, and get notified in January when meetings are planned.

When will HB 854 be completed? A full report will be completed in the fall of 2021. Per HB 854’s requirements, it will include a full analysis of existing policies and programs (using knowledge gained from this survey), assessments of potential new housing programs, and a quantitative determination of the quality and quantity of affordable housing in the commonwealth.

Here is the link to the survey

Virginia Housing Programs and Policies Survey – Online Surveys | QuestionPro Survey

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