COVID-19 At-Home Test Kits Available

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) is offering COVID-19 test kits designed to provide results within 30 mins to homeless service providers. These kits can be given to your clients as needed and can be used when they are feeling sick or if they’ve been exposed to someone with COVID-19.  These test kits have everything needed to perform the test and can be performed anywhere.  The sample is self-collected by the client and they would then follow the package insert to perform the test.  Here is some more information about the test:

Lucira CHECK-IT COVID-19 Test is a single-use (all in one) test available over the counter (no prescription needed) for “at home” use. It gives results in 30 minutes or less.  Each kit includes all the supplies required to perform a self-collected test (including batteries). A smart device is not required . If internet access is available, there is a reporting portal called LUCI, where the user can report their result.   This test has a 9 month expiry from the date of manufacture.  

More information on At Home/Point of Care testing is available through the VDH Testing webpage.  If you are interested in ordering Lucira Test Kits for your organization, please use this ordering form (under Type of Organization, select “other”).  If you choose to order the kits, our team can provide you with more information on how to educate your clients regarding follow up once they perform the test, including contact information for your local health department.  For more information or questions regarding these test kits, please contact or Keri Houser at

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