Data Committee

The committee promotes the use of data to drive decision making for the CoC. The committee is charged with reviewing and approving a consistent point in time methodology, setting performance standards, and overseeing data quality and performance measurement of all CoC-funded programs.

Committee Focus:

a. The development, assessment, and monitoring of performance measures by
different program type and CoC as a system.
b. Reviewing the quarterly data quality, and demographic reports.
c. The assessment of the roles and responsibilities of the HMIS system, as well as
reviewing how the system is working and functioning on a provider level.
d. The organization of the annual Point-in-Time count/Housing Inventory and ensuring data is collected and submitted timely and accurately. 
e. Feedback for CoC HMIS policy, as adopted by the HCIS implementation and HCIS Policy

Current Best Practices Committee members:

  • Chair – Anton Overby, CoC Data Coordinator, HRHA
  • Cassandra Jarvis, Case Manager, Northwestern Community Services Board
  • Katie Furneisen, Certified Housing Counselor, Shenandoah Alliance for Shelter
  • Candy Phillips, Executive Director , First Step, Inc.
  • Shannon Porter, Executive Director, The Mercy House, Inc.
  • Amanda (Mandy) Underwood, Case Manager, AIDS Response Effort

If you’re a CoC participant interested in joining the committee, contact Laura Black at