Data and Performance


Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) data helps Western Virginia Continuum of Care (CoC) partners track, evaluate, and respond to changes and trends in homelessness throughout the region. HMIS collects and shares the latest data on homelessness in Shenandoah Valley communities based on the annual point-in-time homeless counts. It offers results-based accountability through performance measurements that focus on effort, quality, and the CoC’s impact.

Data Points Include:

  • Point-in-time count: Data from the US Census and public point-in-time counts show regional progress in addressing homelessness.
  • Racial Equity: HMIS reports collect entry and exit data based on race and ethnicity.
  • Homeless demographics: Age, gender,
  • CoC System performance measures:
    • Data Requests
      • How many unsheltered veterans
      • PIT
    • These can be from the community, reporters, coc members etc.