A Snapshot Of Homeless Individuals On A Given Night

The Point-in-Time (PIT) count is a count of sheltered and unsheltered people experiencing homelessness that HUD requires each Continuum of Care (CoC) nationwide to conduct in the last 10 days of January each year.

Our community uses the PIT count data to obtain an accurate picture of homelessness, identify unmet needs, obtain data required for funding applications, and increase community awareness of homelessness and thus, better planning.

How it is Contacted

For Sheltered homeless individuals, the PIT count is contacted using the data generated from HMIS from the emergency shelters and domestic violence shelters data. With the help of volunteers, the CoC collects unsheltered homeless individuals by using basic demographic information surveys.

The latest data on homelessness in the Shenandoah Valley is based on recent point-in-time homeless counts and can be found here.

Help the CoC get an accurate count of homeless individuals by signing up to volunteer.