Collecting Data with Accuracy and Consistency

A Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a database used to collect client-level data about services and housing provided to both people experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness.

Organizations and agencies that receive funding from HUD and/or DHCD are required to participate in HMIS data collection.  Agencies that do not receive funding from these sources may still choose to participate, and are encouraged to do so!

WellSky’s ServicePoint provides HMIS access to a group of five CoCs that includes Western Virginia. Homeward, the lead agency of the Richmond CoC, is also the HMIS lead for this coalition, which is called HCIS.

HMIS user resources

For all resources, visit the Homeward HMIS Resource Page, which contains links to:

For questions about using HMIS, contact the Western Virginia HMIS administrator ( or the Homeward help account (

Why use HMIS?

Accurately and consistently collecting information about what people are experiencing homelessness, what housing services they are receiving, and what their needs are helps improve our understanding and our services as a Continuum of Care.

Participating agencies use HMIS to:

  • Refer clients through the Coordinated Housing Intake system to share information and coordinate services
  • Track client progress toward housing and other case management
  • Identify gaps and bottlenecks in our network of services
  • Compile information for required reports
  • Explore patterns in client demographics and housing outcomes

The Western Virginia Continuum of Care firmly centers the dignity, privacy, and autonomy of each individual in its HMIS data collection, reporting, and other uses.