How You Can Be Part Of The Solution

  • Become A Member

    Membership is free and is open to individuals and agencies that want to develop and coordinate homeless assistance programs.

  • Donate

    While the Western Virginia COC does not accept donations, most of our partner agencies provide specific information about how to make donations to them directly.

    If you have material items that you are looking to donate, please reach out to our partner agencies to see if they are accepting donations at this time.

  • Volunteer

    One of the most important ways you can help the homeless community is through volunteering. When you volunteer, you have the opportunity to form connections with members of the homeless community, which can improve understanding for both parties. Here are some ways you can volunteer:

    • Training homeless individuals for employment
    • Working at a shelter or housing organization
    • Registering homeless individuals to vote
    • Organizing or participating in fundraising drives for local service agencies
    • Using your skills to help housing-first or supportive housing programs
    • Recruiting others to join your efforts

  • Stay Informed

    CoC representatives are available to speak with companies, community and religious groups, and individuals educate everyone on the underlying causes of homelessness and ways to help. Contact your local nonprofits, read articles on why people are homeless, and talk to your friends and loved ones about the causes and solutions. Most importantly, discuss how you can work on related issues such as paying living wages, providing education, improving health care access, stopping domestic violence, and increasing the availability of affordable housing. Contact us today!