Review and Ranking Committee

This Ad Hoc Committee is comprised of non-funded community representatives with no conflict of interest, to review and rank project applications submitted for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding through the CoC. The Ad Hoc Committee’s goal is to review and rank project applications.

With the guidance of the Compliance and Evaluation Committee, the Ad Hoc Committee will take the following steps in order to determine ranking:

  • Review and discuss all project applications and supporting documents provided by the Collaborative Applicant.
  • Prioritize and rank project applications, creating a Project Priority Listing.
  • The criteria used to determine prioritization may vary slightly per year, but should include HMIS data, spending reports, and performance reports.
  • The committee will either accept an application as it is submitted, accept an application under the condition that amendments are made, or reject an application.
  • The committee must list the amendments to be made and can decide to reject an application if such amendments are not made.
  • When rejecting applications, the committee must list the reason(s) why the application was rejected.
  • Upon creating a Project Priority Listing, the Collaborative Applicant will share the Listing with the Executive Committee, which must either approve or disapprove the Listing.
  • If approved, the Collaborative Applicant will then contact all applicants with a written letter that describes the outcome of their application(s).If disapproved, the Executive Committee must meet to review project applications and then create a revised Listing.
  • The final listing that is approved or created by the Executive Committee is that which will be submitted to HUD.